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We cordially invite you to take part in the III National Scientific Conference with international participation


dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Russian academician Pavel Gorchakovskii

Ekaterinburg, Russia, 05—10 October, 2020

Conference posters


Alexey Vaganov, E. Zholnerova, A. Shmakov

Biodiversity informatics methods in forming of the red data book of the Altai mountain country (plants)


Gulfina Frolova, P. Frolov, V. Shanin, N. Ivanova

Study of factors affecting the forest renewal in the pine stands of the southern Moscow region


Elena Shubnitsina, S.G. Shiyatov, A.A. Grigoriev, P.A. Moiseev

Researches of P. L. Gorchakovsky in the area of Sablya mountain range (subpolar Urals) in 1954


Evgeny Larin

Experience in creating a GIS of the natural park «Kondinsky Lakes»


E.N. Mysnik, Natalia Luneva

Database “Weed plants: herbal VIZR collection”


Evgeniya Mysnik

Species diversity of weed plants of certain types of habitats in the territory of Tosno (Leningrad region)


N.V. Zolotareva, Julia Lipikhina, E.N. Podgaevskaya

Impact of non-native species Sorbaria sorbifolia (L.) A. Braun on species richness and composition of natural forest communities


Natalia Luneva, Yu.A. Fedorova

Application of GIS technologies for phytosanitary zoning of the territory in relation to weeds


Svetlana Makhneva, P.E. Mokhnachev

Quality of Scots pine pollen in the zone of smoke emissions of AO «Karabashmed»


Maria Mikhailova, E.R. Khusainova

Echolocation research of the bat fauna using the introducing Echo Meter Touch 2 system


T.N. Tolstikova, Evgeniya Ednich, A.Yu. Beskrovnaya, Yu. Yu. Koneva, Irina Chernyavskaya

Results and prospects of the digitization of scientific biological collections of the Adyghe State University


Svetlana Migalina, L.A. Ivanova, A.K. Makhnev

Creation, study and information support of population cultures as a method of analysis and conserving of forest genetic diversity in the conditions of global climate changes


Polina Yudina, L.A. Ivanov, D.A. Ronzhina, S.V. Migalina, I.V. Kalashnikova, L.A. Ivanova

Data base on leaf functional traits of steppe plants of Northern Eurasia


A.Yu. Bavrin, O.A. Belova, N.V. Vlasova, A. Yu. Denisova, Lyudmila Kavelenova, E.S. Korchikov, O. A. Kuzovenko, Yu.V. Makarova, N.V. Prokhorova, D.A. Terent'ev, V.A. Fedoseev

On the optimising of valuable plant communities reveal and monitoring using the integration of ground survey data and remote sensing materials processing technologies


Maxim Shashkov, N. Ivanova

Tree mapping on the basis of winter aerial protography from UAV


S.N. Bazha, A.V. Andreev, T.G. Baskhaeva, E.A. Bogdanov, Elena Danzhalova, Yu.I. Drobyshev, I.A. Petukhov, Yu.A. Rupyshev and V.I. Ubugunova, S. Hadbaatar, E.G. Tsyrempilov

Analysis of the causes and consequences of the degradation of the Baikal basin ecosystems based on long-term monitoring of the model polygons network


Anna Efimova

Red data book of the Kostroma region: interactive map


Svetlana Shabalkina, O. N. Perestoronin, V.S. Negodin, A.E. Pakeeva, V.V. Liiman

Value of the herbarium collection Vyatka State University in the study of biodiversity Kirov region


Anatoly Andreev, P.D. Gunin, S.N. Bazha, E.V. Danzhalova, I.A. Petukhov, M. Saandar, Ch. Dugarjav, Ya Adyaa

Ecosystems of Mongolia atlas as a tool for visualisation of databases by the structure, diversity and dynamics of Mongolian terrestrial ecosystems


Igor Kuzmin

Electronic multimedia project “plants of the Tyumen region”


Olga Tolkach

Population groups of trees in birch forest stands of Zauralya in a zonal gradient


Olga Baranova, D. Slastunov

Rock garden of Botanical Garden of Peter the Great BIN RAS collection database


Olga Khitun, T.M. Queen, G. Shepman Strub, M. Iturrate-Garcia

Study and monitoring of the vascular plants biodiversity in the lower reaches of the Indigirka River by the local flora method


Evgeny Davydov

Biodiversity of the Tigirek Strict Reserve and its representation in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)


Natalia Shlykova, A.S. Tretyakov, N.Yu. Grudanov

Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers. - a new species in the flora of the Sverdlovsk region


Elena Parfenova, N.M. Chebakova

Predicted seed weight distributions of Pinus sylvestris L. in Russia In a warming climate during the 21th century


Elvira Baisheva, T.U. Biktashev, L.A. Valitova

On digitalization of bryological collection of the herbarium of Ufa Institute of Biology of URFC RAS (UFA)


Nina Filippova, T. Bulyonkova, I. Filippov, E. Lapshina

A biodiversity data mobilization center in the Northwestern Siberia


Victoria Vladykina, V. A. Mukhin, S.M. Badalyan

Database on distribution of species Daedaleopsis genus in the Asian part of Russia


Dmitry Vavilov

Experience of archive data input into GBIF


Oksana Korzhavina, J. Reimer, H. Ehrlich, V. Ivanenko

Diversity and distribution of copepod crustaceans — endoparasitites of octocorals of the World Ocean


Tatyana Berezina

Inventory Of Existing And Abandoned Fruit And Berry Plantations Laid In The XIX—XX Centuries On The Territory Of The Zavolzhsko-Ural Region