Astronomical Observatory

telescopeThe Kourovka Astronomical Observatory is the easternmost observatory in Europe. It is the only observatory in the range of longitudes from Kazan to Irkutsk. The staff has been actively involved in the implementation of national and international programs to monitor stellar clusters, the Sun, comets, planets and their satellites, stars and star-forming regions and finding planetary systems around other stars. They also perform terrestrial optical observations of X-ray sources in synchronization with space experiments.

The international astronomy community has recognized the important role of the Observatory. In honor of Professor K.A. Barkhatova the International Astronomical Union named the minor planet number 5781 Barkhatova, in honor of the director of the observatory P.E. Zakharova — the minor planet number 4780 was named Polina, in honor of Associate Professor N.B. Frolova — the minor planet number 6165 was named Frolova. In 1996, the minor planet number 4964 was named Kourovka. The Observatory is a major observational base for future astronomers.