Biological Station

Biological stationThe Biological station is located on the border between the southern taiga subzone and forest areas, in the junction of the rivers Iset and Sysert. The abundance of different types of ecosystems (forest, grassland, water, swamp, steppe slopes, agricultural and ruderal habitats, etc.) provides a unique opportunity to study the biodiversity of the area.

The Biological station is a good base for training biology and ecology students. It is also the testing ground for the implementation of research projects conducted by undergraduate and graduate students and the staff of the department of biology and basic medicine. In addition, it is the perfect venue for voluntary environmental actions by institute's students and staff.

Biodiversity is studied at all levels starting from the genetic level to the whole ecosystems. Research is conducted in order to assess the biological resources of the Ural region; to study symbiotic complexes in the biosphere cycle and homeostasis of Earth's ecosystems. Various projects involve not only intstitute scholars, but also colleagues from institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and foreign partners.