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The list of our International Laboratories

Power Engineering, Resource Saving and Environmental Management

Climate and Environmental Physics Laboratory

Dr. Jean Jouzel, Nobel prize co-winner,
Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, France

Flexible Technologies and New Materials

Nanoscale ferroelectrics laboratory (NANOFER)

Dr. Andrey Kholkin
University Aveiro, Portugal

Research Laboratory of Advanced Low Dimensional Materials and Nanostructures

Dr. Lars Hultman
CEO of The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Linköping University, Sweden

Laboratory of Chemical Design of New Multifunctional Oxide Materials

Dr. Bernard Raveau
University of Caen, France

Laboratory of Magnetic Sensors

Dr. Manuel Vazquez Villalabeitia
Institute of Material Studies of the Spanish National Research Council, Spain

Living Systems and Health

MIFE - Laboratory for Membrane Transport and Stress Biology Research

Dr. Sergei Shabala
University of Tasmania, Australia

Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Morphogenesis

Dr. Alexander Kinev
CEO of the independent research corporation Creative Scientist Inc., USA