Master programs in Russian

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Code number Field of studies Program title
03.04.02 Physics Astrophysics and Astrochemistry
06.04.01 Biology Biomedicine and preclinical drug trial
09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies Geographic Information Systems
21.04.03 Geodesy and Remote Sensing Geo-information Technologies in Environmental Problem Solving
02.04.02 Fundamental Informatics and IT Informatics and Computer Science
28.04.01 Nanotechnologies and Microsystems Engineering Materials for Microsystems and Nanosystems Engineering
27.04.01 Standardization and Metrology Metrological Support of Research and Knowledge-intensive Production
09.04.03 Applied Informatics Applied Informatics in Analytical Economics
02.04.01 Mathematics and Computer Sciences Contemporary Issues of Computer Science
01.04.01 Mathematics and Computer Sciences Contemporary Issues of Mathematics
01.04.03 Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling Contemporary Issues of Mechanics
27.04.05 Innovatics  Research and Development Management
03.04.02 Physics Physics
06.04.01 Biology Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology
04.04.01 Chemistry Chemistry
04.04.02 Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics of Materials Chemistry and Physcis of New Functional Materials
05.04.06 Ecology and Environmental Management Environmental Monitoring