Biodiversity and ecology of plant and fungi in a changing world

The program focuses on training experts in the fields of botany, mycology, ecology of plants and fungi, familiar with classical methods of field research as well as high-tech experimental methods.

Mukhin V.Dr. Victor Mukhin


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Research interests:

— Mycology, Botany, Ecology, Physiology of Fungi, Mycogeography



Main publications:

Mukhin V.A., Voronin P.Yu., Velivetskaya T.A., Ignat’ev A.V. Stable Carbon Isotope Ration in Xylotrophic Fungi and Their Substrates //Russian Journal of Ecology. -2014. - Vol. 45, No. 1. - P. 11–17.

Mukhin V.A., Voronin P. Yu., Velivetskaya T.A., Ignat’ev A.V. Stable Nitrogen Isotope Ration in Wood Substrates and Xylotrophic Fungi in Forest Ecosystems of Western Siberia// Russian Journal of Ecology. – 2014. - Vol. 45, No. 6. - P. 539–546.