Plant physiology and biochemistry

The program includes both theoretical and practical courses in plant molecular physiology and biotechnology. The students will have the opportunity to conduct research for their PhD thesis and participate in laboratory and field studies, as well as field trips.

Kiseleva I Dr. Irina Kiseleva

Head of Department

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Research interests:

— Study of sink-source relations in plants, developmental (ontogenetic) and ecological aspects of photosynthesis, plant tolerance, molecular physiology of cereals.

Main publications:

Fazlieva E.R., Kiseleva I.S., Zhuikova T.V. Antioxidant Activity in the Leaves of Melilotus albus and Trifolium medium from Man-Made Disturbed Habitats in the Middle Urals under the Influence of Copper // Russian Journal of Plant Physiology.- 2012.- V. 59, N 3.- P. 333-338.

Khramtsova E.V., Kiseleva I.S. Genome-dependent factors in the development of leaf phototrophic tissues in diploid and alloploid wheat species// Russian Journal of Plant Physiology. - 2004. - V.51, №2. - P. 278-286.

Kiseleva I.S., Kaminskaya O.A. Hormonal regulation of assimilate utilization in barley leaves //Russian Journal of Plant Physiology. - 1998. - V.45, №4. - P. 549-556.


Entry requirements:

— Basic knowledge of molecular plant physiology

— Skills in molecular genetics and physiological and biochemical methods