Proton conducting oxide ceramic materials for applications in medium temperature electrochemical devices

The program focuses on the synthesis, crystal and local structure, thermal and electrical properties, chemical stability of the high-temperature proton conductors with perovskite structure.

AnimitzaDr. Irina Animitsa

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Research interests:

— Materials science; inorganic materials chemistry, solid-state electrochemistry, ionics.

— Advanced ceramic materials, mainly oxides; their defect structure, diffusivity, electrical properties and electrochemistry at high temperatures.

— Hydrogen defects.

— Solid electrolytes (oxygen ion and proton conductors)

Main publications:

Tarasova N., Animitsa I. Novel proton-conducting oxyfluorides
Ba4-0.5xIn2Zr2O11-xFx with perovskite structure// Solid State Ionics. - 2014.- 264. - P. 69–75.

Tarasova N.A., Zhuravlev N.A., Animitsa I.E., Denisova T.A., Baklanova Ya.V., Kavun V.Ya. Features of the Local Structure of Hydrated Fluorine-Substituted Solid Solutions Based on Ba2In2O5 // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics.-2014. - 78 (8). - P. 730–732.

Entry requirements:

— Knowledge of synthesis of complex oxides by solid state route, impedance spectroscopy, Rietveld refinement