Physical chemistry of oxide systems: thermodynamics, structure, properties

The program includes an immersed study of the physicochemical basis of preparation, research and application of solid oxide materials by both experimental and theoretical approaches.

CherepanovDr. Vladimir Cherepanov

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Research interests:

— Research of complex oxides perspective for the various applications as electrode, catalytic, membrane or sensor materials: thermodynamic stability, phase equilibria, crystal and defect structure, oxygen nonstoichiometry, functional electrotransport properties.

Main publications:

Volkova N.V., Lebedev O.I., Gavrilova L.Ya., Turner S., Gauquelin N., Motin Seikh Md., Caignaert V., Cherepanov V.A., Raveau B., Van Tendeloo G.. Nanoscale Ordering in Oxygen Deficient Quintuple Perovskite Sm2‑εBa3+εFe5O15‑δ: Implication for Magnetism and Oxygen Stoichiometry // Chem. Mater. - 2014. - V. 26. Iss. 21.- P. 6303−6310. (DOI: 10.1021/cm503276p).

Urusova A.S., Cherepanov V.A., Lebedev O.I., Aksenova T.V., Gavrilova L.Ya., Caignaert V., Raveau B.. Tuning oxygen content and distribution by substitution at Co site in 112 YBaCo2O5+δ. Impact on transport and thermal expansion properties. // J. Mater. Chem. A. – 2014. - V. 2, Iss. 23. -P. 8823-8832. (DOI:10.1039/C4TA01264J).

Urusova A.S., Cherepanov V.A., Aksenova T.V., Gavrilova L.Ya., Kiselev E.A. Phase equilibria, crystal structure and oxygen content of intermediate phases in the Y – Ba – Co – O system. // J. Solid State Chem. – 2013. -V. 202. - P. 207-214.

Entry requirements:

— Good experimental skills: synthesis of solid materials, organization of physicochemical experiment

— Basic knowledge of crystal chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry

— Thoroughness, reliability, efficiency