Magnetic polymeric composites and ferrogels

The program focuses on the thermodynamic study of the enthalpy of interfacial interaction between magnetic metal and metal oxide nanoparticles with polymer matrices in composites and ferrogels, analysis of magnetic properties, magnetostriction, relaxation.

SafronovDr. Alexander Safronov

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Research interests:

— Thermodynamics of multicomponent polymer systems, polymer solutions, gels, composites and nanocomposites.

— Thermodynamic modeling of molecular interactions.

— Polyelectrolyte gels.

— Stabilization and stability of colloid suspensions of nanoparticles

— Composite materials based on metal and metal oxide nanoparticles including magnetic nanoparticles


Main publications:

Safronov A.P., Kurlyandskaya G.V., Chlenova A.A., Kuznetsov M.V., Bazhin D.G., Beketov I.V., Sanchez-Ilarduya M., Martinez-Amesti A. Carbon deposition from aromatic solvents onto active intact 3d metal surface at ambient conditions //Langmuir.- 2014.- 30 (11).- P. 3243–3253.

Safronov A.P., Shakhnovich M., Kalganov A., Kamalov I.A., Shklyar T.F., Blyakhman F.A., Pollack G.H. DC Electric Fields Produce Periodic Bending Of Polyelectrolyte Gels // Polymer. - 2011. – 52. - P. 2430-2436.

Entry requirements:

— Knowledge of chemistry and physics of polymers and colloids.