Basic principles of chemical design for novel multifunctional materials on the basis of perovskite-like oxides

The aim of the program is the comprehensive study of real (crystal and defect) structure and related properties of advanced complex oxide materials.

ZuevDr. Andrei Zuev

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Research interests:

— Study of target properties of advanced complex oxide materials in relation with their crystal and defect structure

Main publications:

Tsvetkov D.S., Ananjev M.V., Eremin V.A., Zuev A.Yu, Kurumchin E.K.// Dalton Transactions.- V.43, No.42.- P. 15937-15943.

V.V. Sereda, D.S. Tsvetkov, I.L. Ivanov, A.Yu. Zuev// Journal of Materials Chemistry A. - V.3, No.11. - P. 6028-6037.

Entry requirements:

— Basic knowledge in Physical Chemistry

— Elementary knowledge in Solid State Chemistry

— Elementary skills in oxide materials preparation