Thermophysics and theoretical thermotechnics

The program will focus on the following topics: the kinetic theory of motion of rarefied single-component gases and gas mixtures in capillaries under the influence of pressure, temperature and concentration gradients, as well as resonant optical radiation; kinetic theory of motion of fine aerosols in inhomogeneous gases. During the program we will be using analytical and numerical methods for solving the Boltzmann equation.

ChernyakDr. Vladimir Cherniak

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Research interests:

— Kinetic theory of transport processes in the rarefied gases: capillary gas flows, evaporation and condensation, aerosols motion, etc.



Main publications:

Chernyak V.G., Polikarpov A.P. Light induced drift and heat transfer of one-component gas in a capillary// Journal of Statistical Physics. - 2010. - Vol. 140. - P. 504-517.

Chermyaninov I.V., Chernyak V.G. Thermo-optical pressure difference in one-component gas// Physics of Fluids. – 2014. - V. 26. №9. - P. 092001.

Entry requirements:

— Basic knowledge of hydrodynamics and kinetic theory of gases

— Basic knowledge of numerical methods for solving differential equations