Research of dynamical evolution of extrasolar planetary systems

The program’s aim is the construction of semi-analytical theories of motion, the research of long-time dynamical evolution of extrasolar planetary systems and of the orbital evolution stability, as well as the determination of stochastic properties of motion and the application of the obtained results to real extrasolar systems.

KuznetsovDr. Eduard Kuznetsov

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Research interests:

— Research of orbital evolution of planets and artificial satellites of the Earth


Main publications:

    Kuznetsov E.D., Zakharova P.E. Dynamical evolution of space debris on high-elliptical orbits near high-order resonance zones // Advances in Space Research. -2015.

    Kholshevnikov K.V., Kuznetsov E.D. Stability of planetary systems with respect to masses // Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy. - 2011. - V. 109. - P. 201–210.

Entry requirements:

— Knowledge in Celestial Mechanics

— Programming skills in Fortran or C++