Relationship between structure and deformation/fracture of rock materials

This program focuses on the study of hierarchical structure and deformation/fracture behavior of some rock materials.

PanfilovDr. Peter Panfilov

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Research interests:

— Mechanisms of deformation and fracture of materials, rocks and hard tissues




Main publications:

Panfilov P. On the inherent fracture mode of iridium at room temperature//J. Mater. Sci. -2005. - 40 (22).- P. 5983-5987.

Panfilov P, Yermakov A., Antonova O.V., Pilyugin V.P. Plastic deformation of polycrystalline iridium at room temperature// Platinum Metals Rev.- 2009.- 53, (3).- P. 138-146.

Zaytsev D., Panfilov P. Deformation behavior of human enamel and dentin-enamel junction under compression// Materials Science and Engineering. -2014. - Vol. 34. - P. 15-21.

Zaytsev D., Ivashov A.S., Panfilov P. Anisotropy of the mechanical properties of human dentin under shear testing// Materials Letters. -2015. - Vol. 138.- P. 219–221.