Physics of ferroelectrics and related materials

This program focuses on the experimental study of the ferroelectric domain structure, kinetics of the phase transformations and domain engineering, among other topics. The students will have access to modern analytical and technological equipment. The Department staff is very friendly and you will have the opportunity to try over a hundred different types of green tea.

ShurDr. Vladimir Shur
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Research interests:

— Experimental study of the ferroelectric domain structure, kinetics of the phase transformations, domain engineering etc.




Main publications:

    Ievlev A.V., Jesse S., Morozovska A.N., Strelcov E., Eliseev E.A., Pershin Y.V., Kumar A., Shur V.Ya., Kalinin S.V. Intermittency, Quaziperiodicity, and Chaos during Scanning Probe Microscopy Tip-induced Ferroelectric Domain Switching// Nature Physics.- 2014.- V.10.- P.59-66 -
    doi 10.1038/nphys2796.

    Ievlev A.V., Morozovska A.N., Eliseev E.A., Shur V.Ya., Kalinin S.V. Ionic Field Effect and Memristive Phenomena in Single-point Ferroelectric Domain Switching// Nature Communications.- 2014.- V.5, Article number: 4545 doi:10.1038/ncomms5545.

    Ievlev A.V., Alikin D., Morozovska A.N., Varenyk O.V., Eliseev E.A., Kholkin A.L., Shur V.Ya., Kalinin S.V. Symmetry Breaking and Electrical Frustration during Tip-Induced Polarization Switching in the Non-Polar Cut of Lithium Niobate Single Crystals// ACS Nano.- 2015.- V.9, No.1.- P.769-777 - doi: 10.1021/nn506268g.

Entry requirements:

— Experience in experimental research in the field of materials science.