Physics and technologies of new hard magnetic materials

During this program you will focus on the study of the interface of the exchange interaction in composite materials based on ferromagnetic hard magnetic and soft magnetic phase components and aniferromagnetic inclusions.

KudrevatykhDr. Nikolai Kudrevatykh

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Research interests:

— Physics and Technologies of Hard Magnetic Materials on the Base of Rare-Earth Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds


Main publications:

    Ismard O., Andreev A.V., Kuz”min M.D., Skoursky Y., Gorbunov D.I. Kudrevatykh N.V. et al. High magnetic field study of the Tm2Fe17 and Tm2Fe17D3.2 compounds// Physical Review B. —2013. —V.88. —P.174406-1—10.

    Kudrevatykh N.V., Andreev S.V., et. al. Magnetic and mechanical properties       of flexable magnetic rubber based on caoutchouc binders and nanostructural Re-3d-metal- boron powder fillers//21-st Symposium “Nanostructures: Physics and Technology”.- Saint Peters-burg, Russia, June 23 -28, 2013.- P.326-327.

Chukalkin Y.G., Teplykh A.E., Kudrevatykh N.V., Choo K.N., Lee S., Andreev A.V., Pirogov A.N. Amorphous-crystalline state transformation induced by annealing in R 2Fe14B (R = Nd, Er) compounds // Journal of Alloys and Compounds.- 2014, V.615.- P.75-78.