Multicomponent chalcogenides with electron-ionic transfer at high pressures in wide temperature range

The program focuses on the research of physical properties of multicomponent chalcogenides with electron-ionic transfer. The students will be able to participate in different research projects.

BabushkinDr. Aleksei Babushkin

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Research interests:

— Experimental solid-state physics, the study of the extreme influence (low temperatures, high-pressures, intense heat fluxes) on physical properties of solids.

— Research of physical properties multicomponent chalcogenides with electron-ionic transfer in wide interval of temperatures and pressure.

— Technique of megabar range pressure in diamond anvil cell.

Main publications:

Babushkin A.N. Electrical conductivity and thermal EMF of CsI at high pressures//  High Pressure Research.-1992. - 6.-P.349-356.

Babushkin A.N. Structural Transformations in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes under High Pressure Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences// Physics.- 2014.- Vol. 78, No. 4.- P. 285–287 (with co-authors).

Babushkin A.N. Impedance spectroscopy of the synthetic proustite at high pressure Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences// Physics. - 2013.- Vol. 77, No. 3.- P.252-255 (with co-authors).

Entry requirements:

— Experience in experimental research.