Modeling the calcium dynamics in cardiac cells

The fields studied in this program are molecular and cell biophysics; electron-conformational theory of proteins; ion dynamics in cells and computer modeling of calcium dynamics.

MoskvinDr. Alexander Moskvin
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Research interests:

— Biophysics

— Modeling the calcium dynamics in cardiac cells

— Molecular and cell biophysics

— Electron-conformational theory of proteins

— Ion dynamics in cells

— Computer modeling of calcium dynamics

Main publications:

Moskvin A.S. and S.-L. Drechsler. Microscopic mechanisms of spin-dependent electric polarization in 3d oxides// Phys. Rev.-2008. - B 78, 024102.

Moskvin A.S. Disproportionation and electronic phase separation in parent manganite LaMnO3// Phys. Rev. – 2009. - B 79, 115102.

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Moskvin A.S. et al., Direct evidence of the non-Zhang-Rice Cu3+ centers in La2Li0.5Cu0.5O4//Phys. Rev. - 2012. - B 86, 241107(R).

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