Magnetism of chiral helimagnets

The program’s aim is to study magnetic properties of monoaxial chiral helimagnets and to carry out theoretical analysis of their functionality in spintronics applications.

OvchinnikovDr. Alexander Ovchinnikov
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Research interests:

— Magnetism of low-dimensional magnetic systems, chiral helimagnets, renormalization group.


Main publications:

Kishine J., Bostrem I.G., Ovchinnikov A.S., Sinitsyn Vl.E. Coherent sliding dynamics and spin motive force driven by crossed magnetic fields in a chiral helimagnet// Phys. Rev. – 2012. - B 86, 214426.

Kishine J., Proskurin I.V., Ovchinnikov A.S. Tuning Magnetotransport through a Magnetic Kink Crystal in a Chiral Helimagnet// Phys. Rev. Lett. – 2011. - 107, 017205.

Togawa Y., Koyama T., Takayanagi K., Mori S., Kousaka Y., Akimitsu J., Nishihara S., Inoue K., Ovchinnikov A.S., Kishine J. Chiral Magnetic Soliton Lattice on a Chiral Helimagnet// Phys. Rev. Lett.-2012. - 108, 107202.