Magnetic structures and magnetic phase transitions

The objective of the program is the study of the structural state and magnetic properties of graphene composites and 3d-transition metals using the methods of neutron diffraction, neutron reflectometry and small-angle neutron scattering.

PirogovDr. Aleksandr Pirogov

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Research interests:

— Structure state and magnetic properties of composites formed from multilayered graphene and 3d –transitional metals.


Main publications:

Seongsu Lee, Pirogov A., Misun Kang, Kwang-Hyun Jang, Yonemura M., Kamiyama T., Cheong S-W., Gozzo F., Namsu Shin, Kimura H., Noda Y., Park J-G. Giant magneto-elastic coupling in multiferroic hexagonal manganites// Nature.-2008.- 451б.- P. 805-809.

Pirogov A.N., Bogdanov S.G., Seongsu Lee, Park J-G., Choi Y-N., Lee H., Grigorev S.V., Sikolenko V.V., Sherstobitova E.A., and Schedler R. Determining the magnetic ground state of TbNi5 single crystal using polarized neutron scattering technique//J. Mag. Mag. Mater. – 2012. - 324.- P. 3811 – 3816.

Bykov A.A., Chetverikov Yu.O., Pirogov A.N., Grigorev S.V. Quasi-two dimentional character of magnetic transition order-disorder in YMn6Sn6// Letter to JETP.- 2015.- V. 101, issue 10.

Entry requirements:

— Knowledge of X-ray background, nuclear and magnetic scattering of neutrons.