Isotopic features of atmospheric water cycle in the Arctic

The focus of this program is remote sensing and in situ measurements of water vapor isotopes in the atmosphere of the Arctic and the sub-Arctic. In addition, students will carry out the analysis of the obtained time series data and compare the data with outputs of isotope general circulation model ECHAM-iso.

zakharovDr. Viacheslav Zakharov

Head of Laboratory, Professor

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Research interests:

— Climate and environmental physics.

— Remote sensing of trace gases in the atmosphere using high-resolution satellite and ground-based spectrometers in infrared.

— Satellite data validation using ground-based observation.

— Water vapor isotopes monitoring in boundary layer of the atmosphere.

— Water isotopes measurements in atmospheric precipitation. Isotope general circulation models validation.

Main publications:

Zakharov V.I., Imasu R., Gribanov K.G., Hoffmann G., Jouzel J. Latitudinal distribution of deuterium to hydrogen ratio in the atmospheric water vapor retrieved from IMG/ADEOS data// Geophys. Res. Lett. - 2004. - Vol. 31. N12. - P. 723–726.

Rokotyan, N. V. , Zakharov, V. I. , Gribanov, K. G. , Schneider, M. ,

Bréon, F. M., Jouzel, J., Imasu, R., Werner, M., Butzin, M., Petri, C., Warneke, T. and Notholt, J. A posteriori calculation of d18O and dD in atmospheric water vapour from ground-based near infrared FTIR retrievals of H216O, H218O, and HD16O// Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. - 2014. - 7 (8). - P. 2567-2580.

Gribanov, K., Jouzel, J., Bastrikov, V., Bonne, J. L., Breon, F. M., Butzin, M., Cattani, O., Masson-Delmotte, V., Rokotyan, N., Werner, M. and Zakharov, V.       Developing a western Siberia reference site for tropospheric water vapour isotopologue observations obtained by different techniques (in situ and remote sensing)// Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. - 2014. - 14 (12), pp. 5943-5957.

Entry requirements:

— Basic knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer modeling.

— Experimental skills and motivation to do experimental research.

— Good programming skills in FORTRAN.