Basic and applied research of heterogeneous magnetic films

The program focuses on the development of new functional materials based on volume and layered nanostructuring of magnetic films. Prototyping magnetic sensors will also be part of the program’s objectives.

VaskovskyiDr. Vladimir Vaskovskii

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Research interests:

— Fundamental and applied research of heterogeneous magnetic films.



Main publications:

Kulesh N.A., Balymov K.G., Vas’kovskiy V.O., Svalov A.V., Sorokin A.N. Anomalies in hysteresis properties of Fe20Ni80/Tb-Co films with unidirectional anisotropy//Thin Solid Films.-2015.-V.577. - P.1-5.

Vas’kovskiy V. O., Lepalovskij V.N., Gorkovenko A.N., Savin P.A., Kulesh N.A., Shchegoleva N.N. Influence of Interlayer Interfaces on Exchange Coupling       Efficiency in Multilayer       Magnetoresistive Films With Fe50Mn50 Layers// IEEE Tr.Magn.-2014.-V.50.- NO. 11. - P.4800504/1-4.

Vaskovskiy V.O., Svalov A.V., Kurlyandskaya G.V. Magnetism in Rare Earth - Transition Metal Multilayers// Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, edited by H.S. Nalwa (American Scientific Publishers). - 2011. - V.16.- P. 75-98.