Early stages of stellar evolution and masers

The aim of the program is the analysis of observational data obtained with state of the art instruments on the early stages of star formation and/or theoretical modelling.

SobolevDr. Andrei Sobolev

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Research interests:

— Masers, star formation, early stages of stellar evolution, radioastronomy.

Main publications:

Kardashev et al. (including Sobolev) Review of scientific topics for Millimetron space observatory// Physics - Uspekhi .- 2014.-57 (12).

Richards et al. (including Sobolev) ALMA sub-mm maser and dust distribution of VY Canis Majoris

Parfenov, Sobolev. On the Class II methanol maser periodic variability due to the rotating spiral shocks in the gaps of discs around young binary stars.